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About G-Madro Your Electrical Specialist!
Welcome to the H-Omega, Inc. website, where we list information about the services we offer for our prospective customers. We are a trusted provider of electrical installations, repairs and designs, operating out of Arlington Heights, IL, servicing all of Chicagoland. H-Omega specializes in residential, commercial and industrial-level work and is able to undertake projects, regardless of size, time constrains, budget or complexity. As a company, we are ready to present service that is within the financial means of the customer, but world-class in terms of attention to detail and customization. We also guarantee to do our jobs in a way that does not disturb your environment, and to always leave your space just as clean as it was before we began!

We are always delighted to tackle exciting projects and meet new customers. We at H-Omega Electric always take safety regulations very seriously. We strive to create a happy medium for the customer and our employees by always paying the strictest attention to safety standards wherever we work.

24 Hour Emergency Service, CALL: 773.294.1152

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H-Omega Electric, Inc. is licensed, bonded & insured.